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Outsourced Healthcare Services in the US

Outsourced Healthcare Services in the US

Take your medical practice to the next level with Vital Signs Physician Resources. We are a healthcare consultant company offering services nationwide. Collectively, the VSPR management team has over 200 years experience. We are trusted by doctors and healthcare companies across the United States.

Vital Signs Physician Resources

How We Work

At Vital Signs Physician Resources, we provide a third-party resource for the business side of your healthcare facility. Our services are customized per your requirements. Below is the 4-step process we will use to understand your business and provide the right solution.

Vital Signs Physician Resources
Vital Signs Physician Resources


The first step of our workflow is to assess your medical practices. We also conduct interviews and observe healthcare procedures to conduct a comprehensive medical practice audit.

Vital Signs Physician Resources


After the assessment, we identify technology, training, and the processes, which are needed to take your medical practice to the next level.

Vital Signs Physician Resources


After the primary assessment and planning, we help you decide on the plan of action that would be appropriate for your medical practice. We customize the service agreement to fit the requirements and budget of your medical practice.

Vital Signs Physician Resources


At Vital Signs Physician Resources, we believe in flexibility and efficiency. We do not hesitate to make changes to a plan if it is not giving the expected results. We continuously monitor the key performance indicators and adjust the strategies to enhance productivity as required.

Why Choose Vital Signs Physician Resources

We are one of the trusted physician consultant companies in the United States. We use the latest tools and advanced technology for all services. Collectively, the VSPR management team has over 200 years experience and provide evidence-backed services.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and hence, we provide customized services to every client.

Vital Signs Physician Resources


I have known Jim Edwardson since 2002.  He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable in all business aspects of health care and have literally saved us a fortune over the years!  He has kept our business afloat during the pandemic by facilitating applications for the PPP and to the HHS.  If there is ANY problem with your medical practice, Jim and his staff will quickly diagnose it and offer proven solutions to fix it!!

Henry M Prost, MD


I have worked with Jim Edwardson and VSPR for over 15 years. His knowledge of the medical office has been a valuable asset to me and to many of my clients. He understands the system and communicates well with physicians and administrators. He is result driven and delivers on what he promises.

Mark Painter