Telehealth Consultation Services

Telehealth Consultation Services

Do you get lost in the search for who can bill what?  How to get paid?  When you get paid, is it right?  VSPR offers a strategic look at your current process and practices to build a successful plan.  Giving you the tools to get paid for new services that could be put into play as well as getting paid for services you already provide.  What if you could be handed a playbook to help you win the ever-changing game of healthcare.

Vital Signs Physician Resources



Vital Signs Physician Resources (VSPR) has multiple highly motivated degreed accountants with more than 50 combined years of accounting and consulting experience.

We have a proven track record of delivering financial results in excess of cost. VSPR is a 24/7, 365 company that will provide superior service at a reasonable and equitable rate. Please contact VSPR for your accounting and finance needs today.

  • Outsourced CFO / controller services

  • Turnkey to specific function accounting solutions

  • Financial statement preparation & routine reporting

  • Bookkeeping, A/P, A/R, Payroll & Inventory

  • Account reconciliations - bank, balance sheet & P&L

  • Accounting internal control

  • Documentation and support procedures

  • Cost management and budgeting

  • Benchmarking

  • Payor reimbursement fee analysis - Professional & Facility

  • EMR Charges, Payments & Adjustment analysis

  • Reconcile monthly book to EMR cash collections

  • Accounting software setup - hosted QB ability

  • Cleanup or workout assistance

RCM Evaluation

RCM Evaluation

Building a strategy that allows you to take your practice to the next level. The results are increased efficiency and increased revenue for your practice.


Do you ever wonder how closely your billers are following up your accounts receivable? VSPR offers an auditing service that will help ease your mind! The results are increased efficiency and increased revenue for your practice. We simply gain access to your practice management system and review your unpaid claims for adequate follow up.

You will receive a spreadsheet outlining the details of the audit along with a calculation of the error rate. This information can be used for billing staff training and it helps pinpoint where improvements need to be made. VSPR can provide this as a one-time service or as an ongoing monthly service. Contact us for more information.

For example we will research appropriate coding guidelines or code changes during unusual circumstances, like the current Covid-19 Pandemic billing guidelines.

We will provide interim billing services, such as charge entry, payment entry, denials in the event that you lose staff due to lay offs, firing or resignation.  We will also assist in screening, interviewing and hiring an appropriate replacement.

We can provide billing oversight to in house billers and/or outside billing services.  We will perform AR audits to make sure claims are being followed up timely and notes are documented.  We can also check ERA’s for payment errors or under payments based on the contract fee schedules.

We can assist in cleaning up old AR and getting claims adjudicated or paid to help the billing staff catch up.

We can train in house billers in proper billing practices, balancing, workflow, coding, modifiers and standard billing protocols. 

Vital Signs Physician Resources


What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is presenting the qualifications, history and necessary information in an organized format to meet qualifications for a carrier, facility or organization in a timely fashion. This may include reviewing privileges for facilities, contracts for carriers or evaluating networks to participate or not to participate as a contracted provider. Initial credentialing as well as recredentialing periodically.

Essentially at VSPR we will be your first contact for the carriers and/or facilities. It is our desire to make the credentialing process as painless as possible.

Credentialing Offerings:

Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) utilized by most major commercial payers for credentialing and recredentialing. VSPR will maintain your current CAQH database or create a new one for initial providers. In depth review of existing CAQH databases for onboarding new clients. This will include processing any changes needed as well as the attestation that is required every 90 days.

On demand access to carrier effective dates and hospital affiliations for providers, administrator, billers or schedulers of your choice. Dashboards for to indicate effective date for carriers or if the carrier is in a pending status. Hospital Affiliation dashboard indicating up to date hospital affiliations. All in a format that is viewable after invited to the dashboard. The same dashboards can be exported to excel anytime by users who have been granted access.

From initial contact to final board meeting to obtain privileges at a new facility. As well as recredentialing for current affiliations. We will establish VSPR to be the primary contact for the facility for any license need, recredentialing or updates that might be needed.

Group or individual credentialing with commercial carriers. Initiating the credentialing process for adding new providers to an existing contract or working to obtain contracting/credentialing from the very start with a new carrier. The process will include follow up to ensure that the application does not get lost, forgotten or closed for no reason.

Submitting any supplemental documentation. VSPR utilizes DocuSign whenever permitted to obtain quick signatures and completion during your busy schedule, many times right from your smartphone.

Carrier contract review along with a detailed response of items that interest or impact your practice. Ability to negotiate for you with the carrier to obtain a contract that benefits your practice.

Monitor the need for revalidation with Medicare or Medicaid. Working with the provider to complete and submit the required applications.

VSPR will create and maintain a file for each provider and at the group level. When applications require documents or updated items are requested, they are readily available. These are stored in Microsoft SharePoint for secure file storage.

Licensure expiration dates by provider are maintained on a board with alerts at 90, 60 and 30 days. This is a dashboard that could be shared to staff per your request. Allowing ample time for renewals of medical license, DEA, certificate of insurance and other vital credentialing certificates/items.

VSPR works diligently to provide technology to make the credentialing process as easy as possible. This includes the use of:

DocuSign – complete and sign documents directly from your smartphone – access dashboards with current information 24/7
Microsoft SharePoint – storing your documents in a secure environment

Contact us for a quote of services that allow us to be what makes credentialing an easy process within your practice.

Project Management

Project Management

VSPR offers a variety of Project Management services for medical practices and clinics. Our Project Manager can offer ways to turn your successful business into a thriving enterprise.


Teaching effective communication skills and professional customer relations

Identify inefficiencies in daily operations and recommend interactive consolidating platforms

Develop Standard Operating Procedures

Train staff, from front office to back office

By eliminating inefficiencies, we can help streamline and maximize your budget

Our PM has years of training and experience in all areas of the medical office and has the ability to fill in these positions in the event of an untimely or unexpected departure